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Our History

Uro care limited was established, registered and incorporated in 2006 as a specialized outpatient clinic dedicated to urology located at Plot 1 sure house Mbombo road .In 2013 the clinic strengthened the outpatient services through equipping with mobile endourology equipment that it was used in partnering hospitals in Kampala. In addition it supported on job trainings for 2 endourology nurses/technicians and supported refresher training for one urologist. As a result between 2013 and mid-2017, Uro care outpatient clinic was able to offer a total of 1400 surgical procedures both at the clinic and partnering hospitals.

It was on this basis that a decision was made by the founders to establish a dedicated facility to offer more advanced urology services at a dedicated center and following this, Uro care hospital was set up at Nansana as a center of excellence to provide high volume, affordable, high quality services using the latest technology. Also it was aimed at offering skills training and re -training in urology care. In the initial phase this was established as a 40 bed capacity facility with 3 operating rooms, 2 ICU beds, Imaging unit and laboratory. The hospital opened its doors to the public   on 11th May 2017.  The facility has continued to be the main provider of urology care in the country and since its establishment to June 2023, the facility has seen and treated over 18,500 new patients and operated on 4,350 patients with various urological ailments.

The facility has been able to build confidence in patients who now prefer to have their ailments treated locally other than travelling abroad. We have been able to attract foreign patients travelling directly for treatment from regional countries including Sudan, South Sudan, Eritrea, Eastern Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania and Somalia.

Other supporting specialties have joined Uro care hospital ad these include Orthopedics, Oncology, cardiology and General surgery. We remain focused to be a center of excellence in urology and nephrology care in the region and the continent by the year 2030. Top on our list is introduction renal transplant and robot surgery.

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