Reconstructive Urology:

  • This is to restore deformities which may be in born or as a result of damage in organs of reproduction and urinary system e.g,
  • Treatment of scars/strictures in the urethra that hinder passing of urine.
  • Strictures can be caused by a number of things including accidents that injure the pelvis or genitalia , infections or as a result of  passage instruments and tubes in the urethra
  • Birth defect repairs e.g. ambiguous genitalia, hypospadias, epispadius and bladder exstrophy repair.
  • Hypospadias is when male babies are born with the opening that brings urine to the outside is not at the tip of the penis but anywhere from below the testicles until the tip. It may be accompanied with an abnormal fore skin and bending (curvature) of the penis.

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