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MARCH 19TH 2023

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Complicated surgeries: Has Uganda come of age?

20th Nov 2020

The finance ministry notes that
the country loses over sh450b
to medical tourism, annually.
The health ministry puts the
figures being spent annually on
sending ministers, Members of
Parliament, and senior
government officers abroad for
treatment, at sh30b.


Early urology diagnosis could save your life.

28th Sept 2020

If you have been to a hospital before, you may have noticed that abig percentage of patients are either children or women.

Men tend to visit in smaller numbers and even when they do, chances are, they are either accompanying their children or wives.
But why is this the case?


New Kampala Urology Hospital Aims to Keep Patients in Uganda

16 Sept 2018

Many Ugandans travel abroad for medical treatment, because doctors in the country often don’t have the necessary experience or equipment. But a Ugandan urologist opened a hospital last year in a Kampala suburb with a lofty goal: to offer excellent medical services to Ugandans – in Uganda.


Urology Awareness, My Experience with prostate cancer.

25th sept 2020

To be a center of excellence in Urology and Nephrology care in the heart of Africa, through facilitation and reduction of urological conditions in uganda and the region, 

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Expressions of Strength: Artistic Reflections on the Road to Recovery


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